Kate's Bakeshop: Cooking Up Healthy Treats

Looking for a special-occasion treat that doesn't shatter your healthy eating habits into little pieces?

BakeshopBar You've come to the right place!

Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, a party or just for fun, Kate will use her awesome culinary skills to create the baked goods you really can't find anywhere else in the Roaring Fork Valley. Check out the recipes in Kate's Kitchen and you will find great ideas for goodies you can ask Kate to cook up. Just send her a message!

Here's a partial list of what you can order up from Kate's Bakeshop:
  • Paleo Birthday Cakes
  • Dairy-Free Brownies
  • Vegan Cookies
  • Soy-Free Cookies
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Signs You May Be Ready for Wellness Coaching

  • Wellness HeartHave you known that there was more to life than being over stressed and overwhelmed and disconnected?
  • Have you been wanting to make changes and are having difficulty knowing where to start?
  • Have you started on a new supportive path only to find yourself back in your same old patterns?
  • Have you been putting off taking care of yourself because you have been taking care of everyone else?

If you said "yes" to any of those questions, you may be ready for a Health & Wellness coach!

Supercharge your Life -- Go for Something Smooth!

bigstock-Get-Healthy-Green-Road-Sign-wi-33019967This first week in October, two great classes are coming up: Supercharge Your Life and Green Smoothie 101. See our class page for sign-up details. Now is the time to get unstuck, recharge your energy and life your dreams!

Check out these classes. Throughout the year, Kate offers four different workshops to participants in Basalt, Carbondale, Aspen and Glenwood Springs. These joyous and supportive classes include:
  • Primary Food
  • Great Greens
  • The Wisdom of Cravings
  • LIve Your Dreams

Explore Kate's Bag of Tricks
As a coach and a teacher, Kate enables you take simple yet profound steps to prioritize and de-stress your life, using incredible tools and processes such as energetic bodywork, Quantum Emotional Clearing and Mindfulness Practices.