Supercharge your Energy

Summers here in the Roaring Fork Valley are filled with so many wonderful things to do. From early morning paddle boarding to nights filled with free concerts in the park, the biggest challenge is having enough energy to do them all.

Here are some quick tips to help increase your energy and keep you enjoying all day long.

1. Eat more leafy green vegetables.

Green leafy vegetables contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals that help your body feel and function better.

2. Increase water intake. bigstock-Huge-field-the-blue-sky-28697939

Our bodies are made up of about 70% water. This essential nutrient is necessary for almost all actions within the body. Without water, our bodies become dehydrated. This can cause joint pain, muscle fatigue, sluggishness and a host of other challenges.

3. Employ visualization techniques.

Countless studies have shown that the mind does not recognize the difference between something imagined and something actually done. Use your imagination to see and feel yourself having lots of fun with lots of energy.

4. Laugh more.

The more a person laughs the less stress they have. Stress is the number one factor in low energy.

5. Use gentle sweets.

Avoid sugar and chemical artificial sweeteners. Instead, use raw local honey, stevia, coconut nectar or coconut crystals. When you are in the mood something sweet, go by the farmers market and pick up some local fresh fruit.

6. Get in touch with your spirituality.

We are spiritual beings in a physical world. When we get in touch with our spiritual side it helps us feel less burdened and more at peace.

7. Get more rest and relaxation.

When the body is tired or stressed you will crave energy. Take time to meditate, read a book or get a massage.

8. Surround yourself with positive people.

Positive people help you feel better and be less stressed.

9. Find balance in your physical activity.

Too much or too little physical activity can lead to fatigue.