These classes are offered throughout the year in Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Basalt and Aspen. Call (970) 379-3523 for dates.


We are nourished by more than just the food we eat. Come learn about how your career, your relationships, your spirituality, your exercise, and your joy factor all play a part in the nourishment of you.


This classes is designed to help you supercharge and Live the Year of Your Dreams. As you engage with other participants, you will experience:

  • visualization techniques,
  • gathering,
  • dialogue, and
  • laughter


Come and explore what you need to learn and to change to live the life you were uniquely meant to live. Don’t put off the rest of your life! Live your dreams now.


Comments from a Participant

…”the Health and Wellness workshop provides an expansive, holistic, encompassing approach to changing habits and thoughts and assimilating positive aspects into my life.”

“During the class, I had an opportunity to observe and develop an awareness of what I eat, why I eat certain foods, why I self-criticize — to name only a few distinctions.

KnowledgeEmpowers“I got to recognize a larger vision for health and wellness that includes not only ‘food and diet’ but also a more holistic view that considers emotions, mind, and spirit, resulting in new understandings of my body and mind.

“I am more comfortable in my skin and far less critical of myself, as well, more accepting of my unique requirements for health and well being.”

“I now have daily tools to work with, and I am developing a strong “muscle” of positive thought patterns, awareness of my body’s needs and peace of mind about my choices in health and well being.

“My classmates I and are so impressed with the class that we petitioned to continue to meet on a monthly basis.”

     –Valerie Welch



Greens are a nutritional powerhouse. They are high in many vitamins and minerals, they give you energy, they increase clarity, they reduce cravings and much more.

In this class you will learn all about the wonders of greens as well as many recipes to help you enjoy these amazing superfoods.


Why is it, that when you have a craving, you think there is something wrong? What if you could see the Wisdom in your Cravings?  You could see how your cravings are important messages — messages that are telling you something is out of balance?

In this class, participants discover many reasons for cravings, ranging from ancestry to the seasons, from lack of nutrients to a lack of hugs! Discover how to understand your cravings and how “giving in” to them can allow you to return to balance, eat better, have more energy and be happier.

Click here for short video on the Wisdom of Cravings.